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Datel Corp. will install a wireless (WIFI or WAN) hotspot solution to fit your business model. Many devices can use Wi-Fi, e.g., personal computers, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers, laptops, DVR, and NVR to name a few.

We can connect to a network resource which allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the Internet via a wireless network access point. Indoor access points and client bridges are ideal for small to medium sized offices, hotels and resorts, universities and large homes. Outdoor access points and client bridges are great for companies that need to connect additional buildings to the network, such as campuses, marinas, restaurants, RV parks, health facilities, hospitals and government buildings or connect and access outdoor security cameras. Hotspot coverage can comprise an area as small as a single room, or as large as many square kilometers, achieved by using multiple overlapping access points. Contact us at 954-797-0329 for more information.

Mobility and effortless accessibility to information are required to survive in today’s extremely competitive business atmosphere. Wireless networks play a vital role in smoothly running your business operations. With exceptional wireless network solutions offered by us at Datel Corp your enterprise can improve the productivity of employees, perk up revenues, improve overall security and make the most out of business intelligence and big data.

We will ensure that the wireless network of your company is fully optimized for all the places where your business is located. Our technicians will carefully evaluate your unique requirements, application and the environment in which you tend to work. After completing the assessment we will recommend a design of wireless network that will assist your business now as well as in the future. We professionally conduct assessments, design, install and maintain wireless solutions for your corporation to make sure that your business always stays connected.


Internet Backup Solutions

If your business heavily relies upon wired internet connection, you can find yourself in a gigantic trouble in case your wired connection fails. Datel Corp can install dependable wireless access points and cabling wiring that will let you manage all the network equipment and ensure that your network is always up. Our experts advise you to install wireless network solutions at your workplace because of the following reasons:

• Maintain the trust of customers
• Always keep your POS system working even when wired network fails
• Ensure that all those applications which are cloud based function properly 24/7

Hassle-free Managed Wireless Solutions

Whether you already have a wireless platform installed or planning to set up a brand new one, we at Datel Corp can configure, design, troubleshoot, deploy and fix your wireless networks in just no time. We understand how critical it is for your business to stay connected in order to operate efficiently. That is the reason our experts strive to fulfill your network related needs right away.

Datel Corp. is a State of Florida licensed and insured Low Voltage Specialty Electrical Contractor. We are a BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designer, RCDD.

Datel Corp is a South Florida based company that comprises insured, bonded, licensed and certified technicians who are qualified to professionally install Wilson cell phone boosters. Our superlative integrators and installers have the certifications that are offered by a wide range of manufacturers, such as Wilson Pro.

Our professionals have experience that is required to install and design signal booster systems that wonderfully amplify the reception of cellular block spaces. Thanks to the unbeatable expertise and vast experience our experts possess which have made us the best signal boosting installer in the vicinity.

What Makes Us Unrivaled?

At Datel Corp, we believe that our commitment to provide you with nothing but superior services, while being absolutely reliable are some of those characteristics that make us the best at what we do. We only hire qualified installers who stringently make use of approved and authorized parts and procedures when installing Wilson electronics cell booster. Before hiring we conduct thorough background checks of our technicians to ensure your additional protection and security. Some of our core values include:

• Always be well prepared
• Never leave any trace
• Safety first
• Timeliness
• Cleanliness
• Professionalism
• 100% satisfaction of our customers

We Follow a Comprehensive Process to Install Signal Boosters

The installation of a cellular signal booster can be an intricate job. For that particular reason we have devised a thorough procedure to install these systems at your property. It includes the following steps.

On the basis of specifications that you provide us, we will conduct a detailed assessment of the cellular coverage that you receive in your building, and recommend a booster system according to your particular environment.

Our technicians at Datel Corp might also undertake an on-site analysis in order to determine the installation requirements as well as audit the system plan. We may physically inspect the dimensions of your property, appraise coverage of signals and finally figure out if any kind of special installation tools or equipment will be necessary.

Once all the evaluations are completed, we will suggest you the appropriate equipment and design that would perfectly fit your office or home. We will let you know the number of antennas and boosters you might need along with the ideal configuration of cable distribution.

After finalizing all the minute details, we will give you a quotation and upon agreeing our technicians will install Wilson cell phone booster at your property right away.

Always Stay Connected Even When You’re Outdoor

Do you love to travel to remote areas in a bid to find peace and serenity, but encounter a massively annoying problem of weak signals in such places? Have no worries as we have an extensive range of cell phone signal booster systems that are specially designed and manufactured to install on your various vehicles like boats, RVs, trucks and cars.

The signal boosters installed by our qualified professionals at Datel Corp will greatly amplify the LTE, 3G and 4G signals. It means that you will be able to maintain a solid wireless connection when traveling or parked. Another good thing is that the boosters we install are compatible with all the primary cellphone carriers.

Sometimes the unique construction and design of a vehicle can also block cellular signals. In such cases, it will be recommended to contact our experts and get a mobile phone signal booster installed in your vehicle right away. These are basically amazing devices that include a reliable power adapter, internal antenna, roof mounted or external antenna and an amplifier. This system will consistently keep you connected while you go all out to explore the rural and remote regions where signal strength is significantly low.

Cell signal boosters that are installed by our technicians at Datel Corp can double up your overall uplink power. It does entail that you will be able to transfer data to and fro much faster and make more crystal clear calls. If you love to spend time in water, we can install the best signal boosters on your marine vessels, such as ships and yachts. This way you can cruise on your boat over 100 kilometers away from the closest cellphone signal tower and still consistently have coverage. Yes, cell signal booster systems offered and installed by us are that powerful!

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