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As a business owner, you might be wondering how you can stay connected and up to date with phone lines and internet solutions. Datel now offers an alternate phone service called Sip trunks. The team at Datel Corp is here to assist you by building a solution for your telephone lines with Sip Trunks, T1/PRI and internet access that works for your business. With Sip trunks you keep all your numbers and DID’s but it has some major advantages and considerably lowers you monthly phone bill.  Once the connection is secure, we make staying connected easy and convenient for your business.

With the world transitioning to more and more internet services sip trunks are becoming the norm. SIP trunks are your modern version of phone service. Granting the user more control with MASSIVE savings! All you really require is internet.

Let us focus our attention on you by tailoring our business communication services to your needs. We will start by first examining your current business operations and then determine whether you will benefit the most from data, high-speed broadband internet, data and network security, local, long distance, or a combination of a couple of these services. When you are searching for business phone systems, you can trust Datel Corp to have what you need. Having the right products is just the first part because we will help you build solutions that help your business succeed.

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Datel Corporation is a State of Florida licensed and Insured low Voltage Specialty Electrical Contractor #ES0000360. In addition to having BiCSi certified technicians we also have RCDD on staff.  We will install, test, label and certify all cable systems and provide you with complete documentation, including floor plans that include cable pathways, patch panel records, test results and as-built drawings. As a result this will help facilitate future moves, adds and changes. Datel carries a full line of Chatsworth, Leviton, Panduit and Mid Atlantic network connectivity system products. All cable system installations are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. All cabling is installed to meet or exceed all ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards and local National electrical codes.

Site Surveys

A trained Datel Corporation sales technician will meet with you onsite to address your company’s cabling and wiring needs, along with your current and future networking requirements. We will discuss the latest structured cabling techniques and help explain your options for the design of a high-quality, cost-effective cable system that works for you.

Site Surveys

Warranty and Certified Lan Network Cabling / Wiring

All category 5e, category 6 cabling and wiring carries a minimum one year and up to 25 year manufacturer’s warranty with onsite repair. We offer a company with a commitment not just equipment and we stand behind all our products and services. .Our BICSI RCDD certification allows us to provide the highest level of installation practices for the structured wire and cable we install. Our certified Telecommunication technicians strive to provide a prompt and courteous response to all your Business communications needs. This in conjunction with our proven project management techniques, allows us to create a high-quality, cost-effective structured cable wiring system that supports a company’s telephone VoIP and networking needs.

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