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Smart Home Electronics

Smart Home Electronics

Datel Corp will transform your house, condominium or apartment into a state-of-the-art smart home entertainment center with the latest electronics. Datel can provide all your category 5e and 6 network cabling including cabling for VOIP hosted phones. We offer SIP line services and wireless services and equipment. If you have poor reception in your home, you should ask Datel about installing a cell phone signal booster. We offer telephone systems services to make sure you are connected with loved ones. Datel is a state licensed low voltage contractor with more than 25 years experience. With this new transformation, you just might find yourself never wanting to leave the comforts of your home

Our smart home equipment includes:

    Serves as the central hub for distribution and management of information services

    Supports distribution of incoming telephone service to telecomunication outlets throughout the house

    Supports a wide range of video distribution to advanced multi-room digital satellite systems

    Controls an in-home network for connecting personal computers, printers, and scanners together. Distributes the World Wide Web to all computers on the network.

  • WIFI:
    Many devices can use Wi-Fi, e.g., personal computers, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers, laptops, DVR, and NVR to name a few. If you have any questions about our smart home electronics and equipment, contact us today.


Let Us Turn Your Home Into A Cutting Edge Edifice

Simply imagine chilling in any section of your house that has been transformed into a thrilling, dedicated spot to watch your favorite sports, movies, TV or even indulge in some high powered professional video gaming. Yes, our wonderful technicians are fully capable of enabling you to do all these fascinating things by installing a network of cables, internet connection and audio/video modules in your whole house.

We will make your home the favorite place to visit for all of your friends and family members. It will let you mingle up with the people who really matter and offer them the exclusive privilege to enjoy your company and hospitality at your advanced tech-infused home.

Some homeowners might wrongly believe that good home entertainment systems and smart home electronics fall into the category of unobtainable luxury that is filled with ultra expensive components. However, when designed and installed by our pros at Datel Corp, an indoor entertainment system will be as complicated and costly as you want it to be. We always move forward by proficiently balancing your budget and requirements. That makes a win-win situation for everyone!

Choose the Best People to Work With

Technology has allowed you to have virtually infinite fun even by staying within the boundaries of your sweet home. It is our commitment at Datel Corp to take good care of your needs. We will maximize your viewing pleasure and comfort by installing just about any kind of feature or smart home electronics. Just tell us the level of convenience and bliss you want to attain in your home by employing state of the art technology and leave every single complexity and implementation to us.

Indoor & Outdoor quality speakers

Create the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing evening in your backyard or a little get-together with your closest friends with outdoor speakers. We have a range of different speakers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Now you can listen to your favorite songs in the yard or when you are swimming in the pool.

Contact our team today for additional information about electronics that can enhance your indoor and outdoor living space or if you need any telephone systems repairs.

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