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Protect Electronics from Lightning

You never know when or where lightning is going to strike, so you should be prepared in case it strikes your business. Lightning claims many telephone systems and computers network systems every year, especially during the rainy season. Protect electronics from lightning with our equipment specially designed to protect against harmful voltage surges. With surge and lightning protectors, you can finally have peace of mind when lightning strikes because your business communication services are protected. If you are interested in total power protection, we also carry a line of uninterruptible power supplies that will protect against blackouts, over-voltage spikes, and brownouts. Below we listed a couple of systems we can provide lightning protection for to ensure your business is covered during a storm

Telephone Line Protection           Telephone System Protection              Network Equipment Protection

Lightning Protection Accessories Include Battery Backups

  • The built-in double-boost and single-buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) function compensates for broader range of low AC voltage situations like brownouts and sags as well as high AC voltage situations like surges and spikes saving internal battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries

  • Independent Battery Bypass™ allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge and spike protection on utility AC power even when batteries are weak or dead

  • Includes MINUTEMAN SentryII™ power management and diagnostic software to provide added control and allow unattended PC shutdown (for use on individual PCs or multiple workstations on networks)

  • Integrated USB and RS232 ports for software communications (USB and RS232 cables included)


Datel Corp offers expertly organized and planned professional installation of topnotch systems that can effectively protect electronics from lightning. We have specialization in safeguarding the communication systems and devices of the commercial structures so that your business operations would never be disrupted by a menacing thunderstorm.

Our installers go through vigorous testing and training regularly in order to keep their knowledge base and skill set updated. Therefore, they are always more than ready to conveniently deal with any kind of scenario they might encounter. In addition to it, we always make sure that our technicians follow the pre-defined procedures and precautionary measures to protect all interests of your business.

Lightning Protection Services Offered By Us

Lightning can hit your business without any prior warning. As a result of it, you might lose precious electronics equipment, costing you a great deal of money and badly affecting the progress of your projects too. Being vigilant and fully prepared is the sole way to tackle this problem. Datel Corp is one of the best lightning protection contractors, and we can assist you by offering the following services.

  • Estimations
    Our experienced and qualified experts can provide you accurate estimates on the basis of your particular needs. The estimates we offer are detailed and comprehensively list out all the exclusions and inclusions. 

  • Installation
    Datel Corp is proud of its fantastic team of installers who have been successfully installing lightning protection systems all over South Florida for quite some years now. Our installers are equipped with the right tools and could immaculately perform their job. 

  • Re-certification and Maintenance
    Does your business place already have a lightning safety system? That is great! We can provide a thorough inspection report of your current system and let you know if it’s in line with the latest safety standards. Our experts can also offer modifications or repairs, if necessary.

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