Did you know that Florida is the lightning capitol of the world?

It is time to check your battery back up units for your communication and your network equipment. If you do not have your equipment on a Ups surge protector/battery back up you run the risk of a voltage surge from lightning strikes.

In Florida, lightning claims the lives of telephone and computer network systems daily during the rainy season. We can provide your equipment with state of the art protection against harmful voltage surges and lightning strikes with lightning protection accessories such as surge and lightning protectors. We also carry a full line of uninterruptible power supplies for total power protection against blackouts, brownouts and over-voltage spikes. . Let Datel help you protect your valuable equipment and your companies productivity. Visit us on the web at https://www.datelcorp.com or give us a call at 954-797-0329. Datel serves the entire South Florida area from Key West to Vero Beach we have you covered.


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