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Cell Phone Signal Booster in Florida​

The Problem:
Dropped Calls and Slow Data Rates

The Solution:
Datel Cellular phone Signal Amplifier/Boosters | Certified Wilson Installers

Look to Datel Corp for a full line of high-performance cell phone signal boosters and antennas, so you will enjoy a strong, reliable cell phone signal while you are indoors. If you are tired of dropping calls or slow data, you can boost the signal in your home or business with a cell phone signal booster in Florida. Our signal boosters will improve cell phone performance in a single room and in commercial and residential buildings, condominiums, business offices or a large warehouse. Our wireless building system has an antenna outside that is constantly searching for weak cellular signals to send to the booster located inside. A standard wall outlet powers the booster and it amplifies the signals and transmits the boosted signals to the inside antenna, which communicates a strong signal to the devices in the building.

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What Makes Us Unrivaled?

At Datel Corp, we believe that our commitment to provide you with nothing but superior services, while being absolutely reliable are some of those characteristics that make us the best at what we do. We only hire qualified installers who stringently make use of approved and authorized parts and procedures when installing Wilson electronics cell booster. Before hiring we conduct thorough background checks of our technicians to ensure your additional protection and security.

Stay Connected On The Go

Whether you’re traveling on land or at sea…Stay Connected On The Go

Wilson Electronics manufactures powerful mobile wireless and direct-connect cell phone signal boosters for all carrier frequencies (Cellular, PCS, and Nextel/iDEN), as well as high-gain antennas with magnet, mirror, glass, and permanent mounts. In a wireless installation, which requires no physical connection between the cell phone and signal booster, the outside antenna collects weak cellular signals and sends them to the booster. The booster amplifies those signals and retransmits them to cell phones and data cards in the vehicle through the inside antenna. The process is then reversed and the amplified signals from the cell phone or data card are transmitted back to the cell tower.


The Leader in Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Eliminate dropped calls and slow data speed with a Wilson Signal Booster!

Always Stay Connected Even When You’re Outdoor

Do you love to travel to remote areas in a bid to find peace and serenity, but encounter a massively annoying problem of weak signals in such places? Have no worries as we have an extensive range of cell phone signal booster systems that are specially designed and manufactured to install on your various vehicles like boats, RVs, trucks and cars. The signal boosters installed by our qualified professionals at Datel Corp will greatly amplify the LTE, 3G and 4G signals. It means that you will be able to maintain a solid wireless connection when traveling or parked. Another good thing is that the boosters we install are compatible with all the primary cellphone carriers.


Boost All Networks on All Carriers

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