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Datel corp is a certified Nec dealer. We install and service most major name brand business telephone systems including Nec, Norstar Nortel, Nitsuko,  AT&t Avaya and Samsung systems. Find out why customers who do business with us become customers for life.

At Datel Corp, we provide businesses with telephone equipment, so it is easy to communicate with potential and current customers. From small business communication services to voicemail services, our team at Datel Corp can assist you. We are licensed by the state of Florida as a low voltage contractor and we have BiCSi RCDD’s on our staff.

When a business is relocating, the move needs to be efficient and smooth, so you can resume your business dealings as soon as possible. If you are relocating your business and are unsure how to move all of your equipment, you will benefit from our telephone systems relocation services. We can relocate your existing telecommunication equipment, security cameras, and phones.


Business Communication Systems & Products

Whether you need commercial or residential telephone equipment, turn to Datel Corp for all your telephone system needs. We provide the entire South Florida region with prompt, dependable telephone and computer network wiring services. Reach out to us right now by dialing (954) 797-0329 for assistance with business telephone systems in Florida.


Swift and Reliable Telephone Systems Repairs

• We make use of advanced testing apparatus that is capable of detecting the weaknesses in any of the component’s design for subsequent replacement or redesigns with the improved components.

• We employ exclusive process of chemical painting that allows us to restore the original sheen to your telephone system’s plastic casing. Therefore, it would not only operate perfectly, but look amazing as well.

• At Datel Corp we move with an all-inclusive inventory of all the basic parts as well as related peripherals.

• Our turnaround time is simply impressive. With our emergency replacement and repair services you can get your telephone system fixed in no time.

Relocation of Office Telephone Systems

Are you planning on to move your business operations to another location? You will be glad to know that while you delve into all the details and complexities of your business relocation project, our technicians will expertly move your telephone system to the new workplace whether we originally installed it or not. Datel Corp will impeccably coordinate this process of relocation with your telephone service provider.

Moreover, we can also go to the new work space before you actually move from your old building in order to make sure that you have all the needed wiring and an adequate amount of space where you can set up your company’s phone equipment. Our onsite telephone systems relocation survey of new workplace includes:

• Assessment of the cabling needs of building for data (computer) and voice (telephone).

• Overall evaluation of your telephone system requirements (new equipment, repair or upgrade needs)

• Relocation of your existing telephone system from old building to the new one.

• Assistance in finding you reliable companies that offer internet and telephone services in the area of your new place of work.

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